Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Attempt at a Hockney

This is my little celebration of our greatest living Artist David Hockney. RA who is currently exhibiting his latest work at the Royal Academy of Art.

I have attempted to reproduce a scene which I photographed on a recent cycle ride.
(See my countryside blog post dated 16th Feb 2012 for the photograph)

David Hockney's latest work which he completes from drawings he creates on an iPad 2 and reproduces in the studio. Its extremely difficult to try and create something in his style as he sees colours in scenes that really need a lot of examination to discover. Initially his latest work looks (to some) like something a child would produce, but the more you study it the more amazing it becomes. 
Unfortunately you wont find that here, but it was worth a try.


  1. This is as good a Hockney as anything I've seen Roy! ;-)

  2. Thanks Evie, you are far too kind.

  3. Hey Roy...Long time ...very well done ...I am no judge of these sort of things, and Hockney is beyond me ; }
    but it certainly looks like the photo...I like it!!
    The date of post is familiar to me though, my birthday!!
    another day younger!!

  4. Thanks GG.
    I hope you had a nice birthday. I have stopped counting mine.{:)

  5. Looks as though you enjoyed that! We saw the Hockney exhibition last week as it happens!
    I'm staggered by the man's rate of work, as well as the beauty of his paintings.

  6. Thanks Alison, his work looks simple, but is darn impossible to repeat.
    It doesn't take long to be a fan of his work. There was an excellent piece with him on Countryfile a few weeks ago which centred on the work he has completed for the exhibition.
    Quite amazing.

  7. Roy, I love it! Wonderful colors you chose! I've been waiting for you to post again!

  8. I love Hockney and am hoping to get to the exhibition. I think you may have just found your real style, really really good:)

  9. Thanks Kathie.

    Thanks Sweff, I wish.{:)

  10. I would be proud to have that on my wall Roy. It's lovely!!!

  11. ...I missed this post. Love the painting and the color.... I need to go out and study Hockney's paintings. I love your version!

  12. Very pretty! I love the colours!

  13. Roy, this is amazing!! Well done!

  14. 'Unfortunately you won't find that here'??? I so disagree. That is a beautiful picture and really captures the feel of the landscape. It's definitely a match for Hockney. I particularly like the blog title painting as well. You also do animals and birds very well - a rare talent.
    What a super blog all round.

    1. Thanks Foody, you really are far too kind.


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