Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Snowfall in Five Acres

iPad Drawing


  1. Hey Roy...I like your trees, but I want an ID on the duck ; ) and the animals ...I'm guessing Shetland ponies?? Duck not sure!!
    And where in the world is Five acres that has snowfall!! : )
    You've gotten me almost to the point of interest in trying this,but darn I waste enough time now ..not meaning that you are ...
    I'm out of here before I get trouble

    1. Thanks GG. The duck is meant to be a magpie and the ponies are meant to be highland cattle, but you have to use quite a bit do imagination on this.:)

  2. Roy, LOL at the comment above! So much fun! Love the pic. You must be a happy person because looking at these pictures brings sunshine to my soul!


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