Thursday, 20 January 2011

Horses are somewhat of a challenge to draw. 
Heads are difficult enough, but to draw the whole body is going to be more of a challenge. I'll get it one day.


  1. I agree, horses are so difficult. The joint of the neck to the head, the ear positions and the jaws are good: did they really have Roman noses?!

  2. Thanks Sweff,
    no it was probably a mistake.{:)

  3. ...these are nice, Roy! I hope to get out to visit with some horses over the next month or so. I need to be around them and photograph them for a while before I can even attempt to draw them. Before I broke my foot in 1985 I rode all the's been a long time since I've been riding!!

  4. Thanks Kelly, I guess you would miss doing something like that. What a shame


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