Monday, 10 January 2011

Tractor and Roller

I drew this from memory when on holiday one year in Tuscany
Its not quite accurate, but you get the idea
I hadn't taken much drawing or painting equipment with me as I had planned to buy some more in a shop in San Gimiganano. So until I visited the shop I made do with a black biro and the small drawing pad that I had packed. 
Sometimes the simplest of things work out.


  1. Hey Roy... I like this...I guess I'm drawn..
    (oops! a little pun there) more to the charcoal, and pencil sketching!!

  2. Thanks GG,
    yes drawn, OK I get that one.{:)

  3. ...I don't think I could whip anything this technical out from memory! Wonderful sketch...

  4. I have just discovered your new blogs, Roy, you started the New Year really fresh! :-) I wish you to find new kindred spirits commenting on your blogs and being inspiration for you.

    I like the header picture, it looks so clear...

  5. Thanks Petra, I am glad you discovered the new blogs. The header was a snow scene I photographed the other day is on my old blog. So I decided to try and paint it.

  6. Great from memory Roy! But hey? You can't tell me there werent any birds in your memory of that day!!! hahaha!

  7. Yes some kind of birds Evie.{:)


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