Sunday, 30 January 2011

Pen Sketches

An old Mill House

An old Farmhouse


  1. Hey Roy...Like them both ,but I find old mill paddle wheels quite interesting and that whole function process!!
    I am into the X thing, what are those on the side of the mill representing!!
    Nice pen sketches !!

  2. Thanks GG. Those X things are actually like nuts and bolts. They are the Nuts on the end of Bolts. The bolts being long steel rods that are fix through the building to the other side and they hold old buildings together.

  3. Roy, you are not afraid to tackle any subject. I think buildings and structures are difficult. I love both of these, but I'm really drawn to the mill. It looks absolutely huge...and old. I've seen the "X" things on old buildings before, but I had no idea they were the nut end of a bolt holding the structure together!

  4. Thanks Kelly, yes they stop the building from falling around your ears.{:) Literally.

  5. Love the pencil sketch Roy. And I love that bottom header drawing too!

  6. Thanks Evie,
    the bottom header was something I observed on a cycle ride back last year. Willow trees growing along side a fenland road.


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