Monday, 24 January 2011

Sitting until the Last

The Woodcock

A master at camouflage, the Woodcock will sit on the ground amongst leaves in woodland and you could walk by and not see it. If its disturbed, you still don't get much of a look as it flies away fast and low


  1. Hey Roy..Woodcocks are as you say,but when unaware of there presence they can give you quite a fright when they take of!! Well at least they do me!!
    Very nice likeness!!

  2. Thanks GG. I think I have only ever seen two.

  3. By the end of the month the Woodcocks will start to whistle around here. I love them but have never been able to photograph one. You painting totally captures the "feel" of one. I love the graphic elements...really nice.

  4. I got my best and only look at this species at dusk on a trail along a swamp! They were waddling on the ground and didn't fly off at all as I tried to pick out field marks in the almost dark! Nice drawing!

  5. They are so quick Kathie when they break cover.


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