Saturday, 8 January 2011

An Old Cow Trough

A very old cow drinking trough observed in a field. I found this example on one of my cycle routes, its constructed of cement which reveals that its quite old, probably pre WWII. Such items have for a long time been constructed of galvanise and more recently hard plastic.

As a boy I use to look in these troughs to see the little "Water Boatmen" swimming around. Their correct scientific name is (Nononecta glauca) and I never realised it until I did the research, that they actually swim upside down. I called them water boatmen as they had what looked like an oar either side which they propelled themselves through the water with


  1. Well isn't that interesting Roy. I will have to look up those Water Boatmen! I wouldn't mind having that trough in my garden full of plants!

  2. ...we have similar bugs here. I had no idea they were swimming upside down. You really captured the perspective well...

  3. Thanks Evie. I thought you might like that in your garden.

    Thanks Kelly.


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