Monday, 3 January 2011


Unfortunately I have never seen a Peregrine Falcon close up, that's why I looked at one in a book to draw this effort.
They are the elite among raptors and such skilful flyers
I have seen them high in the sky though. On one occasion I observed one through binoculars flying so high that I couldn't have seen it with the naked eye. It soared around and then suddenly dropped like a stone and went out of sight behind a tall tree line

(The terminal velocity of a Peregrine Falcon falling through the air is 200mph or 90 metres per second - hey I looked it up)


  1. I hope to see one here Roy. Lovely work!

  2. Hey Roy...I occasionally see them but not close enough to say "right on"...; }
    I think it is more than an looks good to his eye

  3. Beautifully drawn....I hope you get to see a real one.

  4. Real nice should put this on your Birdie blog too!

  5. Love this! The feet are fabulous, and I love the graphic feel of the feathers. You've really captured the eye/bill combo.

  6. Thanks Kelly,
    Black detail on white tends to be easier to do than some colours.

  7. Roy, this blog is delightful and I will add it to my Kathie's Poet Tree blog roll! Love this painting!


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